supporting a flexible lifestyle with bespoke furniture design for a family home in cornwall

Posted: 17th October 2022

Bespoke furniture design is one of the most effective tools for making the most of the space available. In this article, we’ll look at creating a flexible lifestyle with interior design. Discover how our Cornish interior design studio can help you achieve that goal using bespoke furniture design. Our creative thinking can help you make the most of your space and find solutions to problems you may not have even known existed! As you read through this article, consider how our interior design services might help create the space you need to enjoy your family life as much as possible. Then, feel free to give us a call! We’d love to talk with you about how we can create the home of your dreams!

bespoke furniture design

Our clients needed a flexible solution to renovate their new home in Cornwall to grow with their young twin boys. Certain areas within their house, including a new extension, became the subjects of a major rethink. Flexibility is particularly captured by our bespoke furniture solutions. There is plenty of storage for toys, interchangeable seating and spaces for entertainment.

We collaborated with Jamie from Black Jay, who could interpret our initial designs into beautifully crafted pieces. This customised furniture can accommodate daily activities such as reading, dining, and studying in one place while being great for storage and display too. The owner’s contemporary Scandi taste was combined with elements which have meaning to the family. These included sea inspired illustrations, plants, and other Cornish influences. Each space has been carefully planned in order to generate the optimal layout based on usage intentions, light and utilities. Our proposal prioritised ease of movement and flexible use of the spaces.

Bespoke furniture design Large bookshelves and a giant pegboard fit floor to ceiling and display lots of books and plants.

Large bookshelves and a giant pegboard provide flexible storage options.


dining area extension – banquettes, breakfast bar and intuitive storage

We recommended a built-in banquette for the dining room so that it could easily transition from day-to-day dining to a large entertainment area. The result is a simple yet stylish addition that makes best use of the available space, maximises storage, while still being able to accommodate all of those social gatherings they’ve been looking forward to!

The banquette seating wraps into a breakfast bar as it extends around the perimeter of the room. The use of plywood frameworks throughout the house continues the design language into each space, keeping the home feeling consistent and harmonious. A tall bookcase and giant pegboard disguise a fuse cupboard and add even more storage. The giant pegboard was designed to be as versatile as possible, offering numerous opportunities for display, storage, and play. It can hold the boy’s favourite whiteboard, which can be hung higher and higher as the children grow taller.

Bespoke furniture design. Dining Area Extension - The breakfast bar has been set up to accommodate cocktail making in the foreground. The dining table is situated behind it and a large picture window can be seen in the background looking out into the garden.

The breakfast bar can be used in the evening to serve delicious cocktails to visitors!

Bespoke furniture design. Dining Area Extension - the breakfast bar separates the kitchen and dining area. It is set up with coffee and croissants.

New windows are elevated by a plywood frame, this maintains the design language throughout the dining room and kitchen.

Bespoke furniture design. Dining Area Extension. The corner of the banquette seating showing the useful plywood cupboards underneath, the soft foam seat pads, and 2 jute cushions.

Making use of every inch of space, these cupboards underneath the banquettes create useful storage.

bespoke furniture design. A set dining table with large tablecloth and 4 wooden chairs is situated next to the long banquette seating which creates flexible seat options.

The dining room feels spacious due to the large picture windows, bringing the outdoors in!

bespoke furniture design. View from the kitchen looking into the dining room over the breakfast bar. The breakfast bar is set up with cocktails ready to serve guests.

The breakfast bar creates a useful serving platform separating the entertainment space from the kitchen.


reading nook – making the most of an awkward alcove

An awkward alcove in the living room has been converted into a cozy reading nook. It features a wide cushioned seat wide enough for two, a wrap of bookshelves at the top, and deep storage underneath. Because the nook has been designed to fit the space, it makes the most of the available space and can be used for different activities by all the family.

bespoke furniture design. The nook has a deep padded seat filling the whole alcove. Underneath lies deep cupboards, and above is a wrap of plywood bookshelves. Scatter cushions decorate the seat making it feel cosy and comfortable.

The reading nook features a deep padded seat, storage, and bookshelves.



master Bedroom & en-suite – a peaceful escape

The clients wanted their master bedroom to have a different feel from the extension downstairs. The brief asked for a restful retreat, a place to recharge and relax. In colour psychology, green symbolizes harmony, tranquility and peace. Natural textures come through the use of linen and natural woods, and the fresh addition of a cork floor is soft and warm underfoot. A high-quality cork floor is the ideal sustainable flooring option since it is easy to install and maintain, has excellent sound and heat insulation, is waterproof, and is hypoallergenic. Wherever possible we worked with the family’s existing furniture, some of which are antique heirlooms, adopting their unique qualities as a charismatic juxtaposition to the new contemporary pieces. The en-suite for the master bedroom retains the green and natural texture concept with handmade ceramic tiles.

The green master bedroom is tranquil with it's headboard paneling, soft linen bedsheets, and warm cork flooring.

The green panelling anchors the bed and serves as a focal point, while also providing some shelving above.

Large contemporary built in wardrobe with green doors. A richly oiled antique chest of drawers sits next to it.

The large contemporary built-in wardrobe stands in stark contrast to the antique chest of drawers. This is intentional, to enhance the character of the antique drawers!

The ensuite features a large walk-in shower with dark green handmade ceramic tiles.

The ensuite features a large walk-in shower with dark green handmade ceramic tiles and a light strip to highlight their texture. The elevated sink unit helps this small room feel more spacious.


how bespoke furniture design can help you

As part of our Boaz Studio interior design process, we can create detailed technical drawing designs for everything from storage units to individual furniture pieces. We then approach local joiners, carpenters, and craftspeople from our growing list of trusted contacts and work closely with them to create stunning, hard-working pieces. Every home is unique, with issues that may need a bit of bespoke thought to solve properly. You can have total control over the look and functionality of the piece and tailor it to your needs and requirements. Bespoke furniture design is ideal for homeowners who have odd room dimensions, such as in period properties, or for those looking for ultimate flexibility in their home lifestyle.


Sketchy 3D visual depicting the plywood bespoke built in storage and seating in the extension.

From concept… to reality!

Computer rendered 3D visual of bespoke furniture - bookshelves, a giant pegboard with shelves, and a whiteboard

The computer rendered 3D visual of the giant pegboard and bookshelves.

Sketchy 3D concept visual depicting a bespoke plywood reading nook with shelves and window seat. Ready for technical drawing designs to be made from it.

The nook went through a number of revisions before the final result.

sustainable interior design at boaz studio

At Boaz Studio we pride ourselves in continuously updating our sustainability knowledge so that we can offer our clients better choices. We are currently working towards B-Corp accreditation. B-Corp is a growing international movement where corporate behaviour on social and environmental matters are comprehensively judged and credits are awarded to those who meet their strict criteria. 

Eco friendly products can improve your home in a number of ways. For instance, an eco-friendly paint would contain a very low amount of VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) which can cause humans ill-health. Healthy products in the home can contribute to improved mental and physical health, and especially beneficial for those who are hypoallergenic. Sustainable interior design can also increase energy efficiency in your home, thus saving you money on bills in the long-term.

We worked with as many local suppliers and tradespeople as possible on this project to ensure we were supporting the local economy while also reducing the project’s carbon footprint.

Plywood bookshelves with books, hanging plants, and pottery. Bespoke furniture design to fit around the family's possessions..



We’d like to thank the talented Evie Johnstone for her beautiful photography.

Featuring products from Alice in Scandiland and Comb Cornwall.

Joinery by Black Jay.


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