what to expect when hiring an interior designer

Posted: 20th January 2022

How will our creativity, problem-solving abilities, personality, and values provide you with what you want, need, and desire? It all begins with the first conversation we have with you. We don’t charge for the initial consultation so you can tell us about what you want to accomplish with your interior design project, and we can go into more detail about how we can help. During your initial consultation, we will show you our interior design portfolio, discuss the different levels of packages we offer, and walk you through our interior design process. This will help you understand the time frame of a typical interior design project we work on.

Design Phases

Our interior design process can be broken up into 5 different phases:


1. Information Gathering

To begin the project we will have an initial consultation with you to gage an understanding of what you’d like to achieve with your interior design project. We will prompt you to think about practical needs, preferences, likes and dislikes. We will also assess the site for the project, location, brand and customer (if a commercial interior design project). It is important to us that your project is unique to you!

Some helpful prompts:

  • What kind of lifestyle do you have now, and what kind of lifestyle do you want in the future?
  • What are your practical needs?
  • Are you hoping to host social gatherings and dinner parties, or are you more interested in relaxing and recharging?
  • When and why do you feel the happiest?
  • What colours do you like, and which ones make you uncomfortable?
  • Do you prefer antique or vintage furniture, or do you prefer newer, more contemporary designs?
  • Do you think you’d feel more comfortable in a minimalist or maximalist interior?
  • What are your dislikes?

Pinterest.co.uk is a fantastic source of inspiration, as it allows you to create collections of images that excite you. Looking at interior design photos and labelling what you like/dislike and why is a good way to get a sense of your taste. It’s okay to like lots of things – we can combine styles to create something really individual!


2. Interior Design Development

An example concept board, with several inspirational images pulled together for a dining room.

An example of one of our concept mood boards for a dining room. Images from Pinterest.

At this stage we will draw up sketch designs based on your concept feedback. These drawings might include initial interior layouts and space planning and concept mood boards. We may at this stage also show you some key material samples. A concept board is always the starting point for the creative process. Images and keywords carefully selected to represent the mood and the feel that we would like to have as a final result of the room. Like the example above, they don’t have to just be images of interiors. This client was inspired by the Cornish coast and the paintings of contemporary landscape artist Kurt Jackson. Boaz Studio carefully selected colours from the paintings to start developing a colour palette for each interior.


3. Final Interior Design Sign Off

3 floor plans

Detailed floor plans with a part render to show some finishes.

After making some decisions on the sketch interior designs produced, we will create a finalised interior design with a full set of drawings. These might include:

  • detailed technical drawings (plans, elevations, etc)
  • bespoke furniture (if required)
  • interior finishes schedule (walls, floor, ceiling)
  • luminaire schedule (lighting), and
  • materials schedule.


4. Tender/Construction Pack

The finalised designs and drawings will then be issued to contractors.


5. Onsite

Stephen paints

Our very own Stephen making some finishing touches!

Work has begun! We will hold site meetings with key contacts and be available to answer any questions you or the contractors may have. Any lighting/electrics can be installed, as well as plumbing, surface finishes, and bespoke items.


6. Snagging/Handover.

The final phase will include the delivery and assembly of furniture alongside styling of the space. Checks for any minor faults will be undertaken and rectified, final photography and voilà! Over to you!


If you are thinking about hiring an interior designer, why not have a free casual conversation with one of our experienced design team members? For more information, please contact Stephen at 07967 042913 or [email protected] or Alice at [email protected]

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"We used Boaz Studio as we needed some help reimagining our lounge after moving in just before having our first child. Our house wasn't working for us and our toddler. Stephen is so approachable and friendly and really listens. He's keen to understand what your needs and wants are as a client and then has an amazing way of turning that into something beautiful, practical, and personal. I am so impressed and would highly recommend Boaz Studio. On top of that, they're really professional, and communication is easy."

5/ 5 Stars

"Stephen and Alice worked with us to produce a design for the interior of our coffee house - their ability to bring together all of our different needs and ideas into one unified concept was fantastic - they have knack for drawing out the most efficient use of whatever space they're working with. First class."

5/ 5 Stars

"Boaz provided layouts and concept interior designs for our new home, and the results were fantastic: they managed to somehow provide us with something completely unexpected that was completely our style and what we wanted. We feel so much more confident managing the building work and decorating now, and can't wait to see it finished. Highly recommended."

5/ 5 Stars

"We worked with Boaz Studio to plan our two-storey extension and associated alterations to our house. We couldn't have done it without them, they were brilliant! Their thoughtful designs really made the most of the spaces, not only in terms of furnishings and decor but also really useful advice about positioning for doors and windows. Stephen and Alice are both fabulous at what they do and really lovely to work with. Highly recommended!"

5/ 5 Stars

"Boaz Studio came in to advise on the complete refurbishment of the communal space here at Sunley Orford House, a purpose-built block of quality retirement housing in the centre of Truro. Having listened thoroughly to the design brief he provided well thought out advice on materials, colours and decoration with options that not only bring a more contemporary feel but will revitalise the space for the future. His thought and attention to detail was appreciated by all involved."

5/ 5 Stars

"You have been incredibly instrumental in the first part of this project and given us inspiration on how best to utilise our space, giving us vision on layout, design, style and colours. You are very skilled at what you do !!"

5/ 5 Stars

"I found boaz studio to be the perfect combination of design ideas and down to earth sense. They opened my eyes to aspects I hadn’t considered and delt with problems in creative ways."

5/ 5 Stars

"Stephen managed to build a true understanding of what we wanted and embed that in his conceptual designs. When we first saw those designs for a fresh and contemporary take on the heritage library, we knew that we would be creating something special."

5/ 5 Stars