Bodmin Jail -


April 2016

Our proposal was to create a 'horror cinema' in an abandoned Naval wing of Bodmin jail. I chose to take the viewers on a journey through the film, using special effects,actors and a blood red walkway and bridges to add to the heightened sense of horror.

The Stannary Bar -

Falmouth University, Cornwall

March 2016

The brief was to update the current Stannary Bar at Falmouth University to make it more flexible for day and nighttime use. I used lighting, colour and adaptable furniture to make the space have more sense of fun!

Mariners Gallery -

St.Ives, Cornwall

February 2016

The objective was to sensitively use the Mariners Chapel in St.Ives, currently operating as the Mariners Gallery, updating it for use as a boutique hotel. My approach was to create bedrooms from beech pods, capitalising on the high vaulted ceiling through the use of glass ceilings and electric blinds.

Refectory -

Falmouth University, Cornwall

November 2015

The brief was to change the current refectory space into a bookshop and gallery area. I used rotatable units to remove books from site when the gallery space was needed and a swathe of pixels running through the space to navigate users through the area.