CHICKS @ Belowda

- Negotiated Project

Belowda, Cornwall

May 2017

For this negotiated project I was tasked on creating my own brief through finding a two storey building and concept. I used an abandoned china clay works near Bodmin Moor in Cornwall and working with the charity CHICKS (Country holidays for inner city kids) developed a site that would incorporate key elements that teenagers fed back would meet CHICKS key objectives of: Adventure; Relaxation; Creativity and Imagination.

'Pavilion' by Benugo

- Shipping Container Project

Hyde Park, London

February 2017

The brief was to create a unique space using a shipping container. I chose to develop a sister site for Benugo's Serpentine restaurant in Hyde Park, London. I did this through building an island on piles and creating a sunken walkway to gain access. The shipping container was clad in matt gold perforated steel sheets, inspired by the Golden Pavilion in Japan.

Poltesco -

The Lizard, Cornwall

November 2016

Poltesco is the site of a National Trust owned Serpentine mine that is now in a significant state of disrepair, our brief was to use the site to engage the local community. To do this I created "The Night Sky project", this embraced everything about the darkness, a key attribute to the sites location on the Lizard; from bats to astronomy and the adventures that you can have navigating around in the dark.

Helford Chapel -


October 2016

Using a small Chapel on the River Helford in Cornwall we needed to create a small cafe. To do this, I created the 'Yellow Door Cafe' featuring a small indoor restaurant as well as outdoor pop-up kitchen for feast nights and one-off events.

Droog -


September 2016

The brief was to create a product and poster that we felt could be sold through the Dutch brand Droog.

Droog is a:

"conceptual design company. We focus on matters that affect society
and its people. The process is key. Our work is anti-disciplinary. And the outcome
can be anything that contributes to society". 

Personally, I am concerned about the level of disposable coffee cup waste, so wanted to develop a range of products that would help to combat this.