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The Gas House

- Comprehensive Design Project

Harbourside, Bristol

May 2018

The Comprehensive Design Project brief was to identify a space of approximately 1500 square metres that could be developed into three storeys.

Having undertaken a lot of research into children in care for my dissertation I identified a need for older children that remained in the social care system with an expectation that they would be independent at eighteen. I wanted to create a space where they could feel at home whilst learning important life-skills. Through research I identified Bristol as a base for this due to 19 to 21 year olds who had been in Bristols social care system to be 10% more likely to not be in education, employment or training versus the rest of the country.

The Life Centre

- Exploratory Project

Welbeck Street, Central London

December 2017

The brief for the Exploratory Project was to create an innovative concept that could be housed in a minimum of two storeys within a space of approximately 1500 square metres.

I felt that an area that needed investigating was that of 'Celebration of Life' funeral services as the current offer doesn't seem to deliver on the name. For this I chose to use Welbeck Street car-park, just north of Oxford Street in Central London. This had an ideal location for those travelling to services and a large customer base within London. The building itself is one of London's most iconic brutalist landmarks which is currently under used.