How will our creativity, problem-solving abilities, personality, and values provide you with what you want, need, and desire? To begin with, we’d like to understand what you’d like to achieve with your project so that we can work together to create a truly unique proposal that ticks all your boxes! During your initial consultation, we will show you our interior design portfolio, discuss the different levels of packages we offer, and walk you through our interior design process. This will help you understand the time frame of a typical interior design project we work on.

We can tailor our process to fit the requirements of you and your project, be as hands-on or hands off as needed, and deliver an interior that transforms and inspires!

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our process

How will our creativity, problem-solving abilities, personality, and values provide you with what you want, need, and desire? It all begins with the first conversation we have with you. Boaz Studio offers packages at various levels including: - a basic / helping hand package - mid-range package of concept design solutions - full design solutions package with interior design project management - or ad-hoc, such as bespoke furniture design.

stage 01 appraisal & brief

It all starts with an initial friendly consultation where we meet you, discuss your goals, and perhaps see the space we will be working with. We’d like to get a sense of what you’re hoping to accomplish with your interior design project, as well as the budgets involved. We will ask you to consider your practical needs, preferences, likes, and dislikes. We will also evaluate the project’s site, location, brand, and customer (if a commercial interior design project). It is important to us that your project is unique to you!

stage 02 concept design

At this stage we will draw up sketch designs based on your concept feedback. These drawings might include initial interior layouts and space planning and concept mood boards. We may at this stage also show you some key material samples. A concept board is always the starting point for the creative process. Images and keywords carefully selected to represent the mood and the feel that we would like to have as a final result of the room.

stage 03 developed design

After making some decisions on the sketch interior designs produced, we will refine the concept design and develop the documentation to successfully communicate the design intent for all elements of the project.

stage 04 technical design

During the technical design stage, we will fully coordinate the design with the design team consultants appointed by the client and deliver a complete package of technical drawings to include a full set of schematic plans, key elevations and all relevant schedules. The development of the technical drawing package is based on the developed design signed off by the client in stage 3 and allows for fit-out tenders to be prepared. The full set of drawings might include detailed technical planning drawings, bespoke furniture, interior finishes, lighting, and materials schedule.

stage 05 tender

During the tender phase of the project, we will act on the client’s behalf as ‘design advisory’ to respond to queries and comment on tender submissions. Once the project is on site, our objective is to monitor the work done, keep design implementation moving forward and ensure the aesthetic result is a high quality interior reflecting the design information. We continue to build relationships with local tradespeople including lighting designers, builders, joiners, and suppliers so we will be able to recommend a network of trustworthy people to work with us on your project.

stage 06 procurement & installation

Once the final selection of items has been signed off, we can offer a procurement management service, where we can place orders and oversea and organise the delivery of all ff&e (furniture, fixtures, & equipment) to site. The final phase will include the delivery and assembly of furniture alongside styling of the space. Checks for any minor faults will be undertaken and rectified, final photography and voilà! Over to you!

a creative team that achieve results...

Boaz Studio Services

"You have been incredibly instrumental in the first part of this project and given us inspiration on how best to utilise our space, giving us vision on layout, design, style and colours. You are very skilled at what you do !!"

5/ 5 Stars

"Boaz Studio came in to advise on the complete refurbishment of the communal space here at Sunley Orford House, a purpose-built block of quality retirement housing in the centre of Truro. Having listened thoroughly to the design brief he provided well thought out advice on materials, colours and decoration with options that not only bring a more contemporary feel but will revitalise the space for the future. His thought and attention to detail was appreciated by all involved."

5/ 5 Stars

"I found boaz studio to be the perfect combination of design ideas and down to earth sense. They opened my eyes to aspects I hadn’t considered and delt with problems in creative ways."

5/ 5 Stars

"Stephen managed to build a true understanding of what we wanted and embed that in his conceptual designs. When we first saw those designs for a fresh and contemporary take on the heritage library, we knew that we would be creating something special."

5/ 5 Stars